To help foster a Green Economy on the Navajo Nation with sustainable green jobs for all.



2012 Community Education

March 24: Garden Expo 2012, St. Judes Catholic Church, Tuba City, AZ

March 19: Green Awareness Day, Dine College, Tsaile, AZ

March 15-16: Good Jobs Green Jobs, Los Angeles, CA

February 29: Water is Life Water is Sacred Conference, Greyhills Academy High School, Tuba City, AZ

February 27: Green Awareness Day, Agenda, Dine College, Shiprock, NM

February 7: Hoop House Growing Workshop, Dine College, Tsaile, AZ

January 18: Food System Summit - 4 Corners Region, McGhee Park, San Juan County, NM

January 13: Green Awareness Day, Agenda, Teec Nos Pos, AZ

January 5: Green Business Incubator Stakeholder Meeting, Tuba City, AZ

2011 Community Education

December 5: Green Business Incubator Stakeholder Meeting, Navajo Nation Museum Window Rock, AZ

November 18: Green Awareness Day, Indian Wells, AZ

September 10: The Paatuwaqatsi Run - Water is Life Run, Hopi

August 27-28: North Leupp Family Farms Harvest Festival, Leupp, AZ

August 23-25: Navajo Nation EPA Biennial Conference and to register online.

July 26-28: Pinon Youth Empowerment Through Cultural Strength

June 20-25: Sheep is Life Celebration. Tsaile, AZ

May 22: Crownpoint Chapter Community Solar Fesitval, Crownpoint, NM

May 7: Honor the Earth, Cameron AZ

April 30: 1st Annual Seed Exchange Workshop, North Leupp Family Farms

April 22: Yavapai Apache Nation Earth Day, Camp Verde, AZ

April 15: Black Mesa Community