To help foster a Green Economy on the Navajo Nation with sustainable green jobs for all.


Navajo Green Jobs

What is a green job?

Green jobs are well-paid jobs created by sustainable businesses and/or industries that are low- or non-polluting. Green jobs respect traditional Diné culture and Mother Earth.

Navajo Green Jobs mean:

  • A sustainable and healthy economy that respects Dine' culture and Mother Earth by using local products and renewable forms of electricity in the home or at a place of business.
  • Creating jobs with fair wages, good working conditions and opportunities for training and growth.
  • Offering opportunities to create green community projects and businesses for individuals, families and Chapters through the planning process and/or through community ownership.
  • A transition that is in balance with our tribal values after depletion of our natural resources and with the global climate crisis.
  • Being supportive and collaborative with groups that support a Navajo Green Economy

Examples of Navajo Green Businesses:

  • A weaver's cooperative that provides support, tools and training for community members. The members raise sheep, prepare wool for weaving, and weave products that are sold at the cooperative's store for fair prices.
  • A farmer's market that sells fruits, vegetables and meat from local farms and gardens, which use traditional agricultural techniques.
  • A weatherization business that retrofits homes to save energy and water on the Navajo Nation at a low cost for Navajo families.
  • Build wind and solar systems that is owned and operated by members of the local community. This provides electricity for homes and businesses in the community